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Makeup powder - How to apply makeup powder

Face powder is a versatile and widely used cosmetic. Face powder is one of the most important constitutent of your make-up box. Face powders are primarily used to minimise shininess or excessively oily areas of the skin. Powder acts to diminish the appearance of shiny or oily skin although, as of late, the look of shine in makeup has been very popular.

Types of Make up Powders

There are two types of makeup powders:

  • Loose Powder - Loose powder has a light, airy consistency and is preferred by professional make-up artists because it's less likely to streak on the skin. This type of powder gives your face a very smooth, matt look and lasts longer than pressed powders.
  • Pressed Powder - Pressed powder is treated under great pressure to create a compact, cake form. Oils are often added to the formula to ensure that the powder sticks together longer, but this can make the product streak on your face

Some important tips realted to Makeup Powder:

  • Do not apply too much powder at once. Better to blot oil later in the day than have a cakey, overdone look to your face.
  • When dusting excess powder away from your skin, use your brush in light, downward strokes to help prevent the powder from getting caught in the fine hairs on your skin. pay particular attention to the sides of the face and jawline which aren't so easy for you to see.
  • A brush allows you to apply a lighter amount of powder than a puff.
  • Dip the brush in the powder and tap it to shake off loose powder. Then brush the powder evenly over your face in downward strokes.
  • You want to go in the direction your facial hair grows in order to get the most even application.

When it comes to powder, there is quite a variety to choose from. Choosing makeup powder according to your skin type. If you have normal to oily skin then it is best to use a translucent loose powder, as it will absorb any excess oil. If your skin is dry then a pressed powder would be good for you, as it will add moisture.

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