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How Long Will It Be Before Your Makeup Expires?

The problem with buying so much makeup is that you could be at risk of not actually being able to use all of your makeup. Your makeup will have a limited shelf life no matter what you use. There are several things to consider when finding out what you can use your makeup for so you know when to plan your makeup purchases.

Blush: 18 Months

Your blush can last for a good while. However, it can dry out and become very hard when it gets close to its expiration date.

Concealer: 12-18 Months

Your concealer can be used to help hide trouble spots all around your skin. It should work for about a year before it starts to become all runny or dry.

Cream Blush: 12-18 Months

Your cream blush can make your cheeks look more visible and attractive. However, it may also start to smell funny after a while.

Eyeliner Pencil: Three Years

Any eyeliner pencil can last for three years as long as you keep it sharp. Your sharpener must also stay sharp and clean.

Eyeshadow: Three Years

Many women tend to ignore the three year expiration rule when it comes to using eyeshadow. This is because it is so expensive. It can be found for at least sixty dollars. However, eyeshadow that is too old can become dry and can even develop bacteria if it is not clean.

Foundation: 12-18 Months

You can get a water foundation to work for about twelve months. An oil foundation can work for eighteen months. You can always add a toner without alcohol to a water foundation and then shake it up to help keep the foundation from being dry. Oil foundation will not require anything extra.

Gel and Cream Cleansers: 12 Months

The gel and cream cleansers that you can use will work with different kinds of skin in mind. Gel cleansers are needed for people with oily or normal skin. Cream cleansers can work better for people with dry skin. Fortunately, either of these cleansers can work for about two years before they begin to become too dry and unable to be used.

Lip Liner: Three Years

Your lip liner can last for three years if it comes in a pencil form. A pencil liner will not break off easily. A push-up liner may also dry faster than a pencil that can actually be sharpened.

Lipstick: 1-4 Years

You can check and see if your lipstick has expired by checking the tube and smelling it. The lipstick can be thrown out if it smells unusual. It can also be placed in a refrigerator to help keep its life up.

Makeup Brush: Varies

A brush can last longer if it is washed twice a week. However, water that gets into the metal part of a brush can cause the brush to wear out and to cause its bristles to become weak. Any brush that loses its bristles or is rough to the touch should be replaced.

Makeup Sponge or Pad: 30 Days

A sponge or pad can fall apart after a while. It helps to wash it once or twice in a week for the best results.

Mascara: 3-4 Months

Mascara is known to expire quickly. You can control it by avoiding taking your wand out too many times. It will cause the wand to be exposed to air, thus making it easier to dry out.

Nail Polish: Less Than a Year

Most nail polish items can expire in a year. It can develop a goopy texture if left alone. You can shake a container up and then open and close a cap if needed. You can even add a thinner if it is thick.

Powder: Two Years

Powder can work for a while as a foundation or as something to set a liquid item with. It can last for a while in your cabinet before it can become hard.


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