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Brushes For Make Up

The larger the makeup brush the softer the effect, professional applications are a breeze with discount airbrush makeup and cosmetic brushes.

Makeup Brushes

The secret is out! Make up professionals have finally let woman in on what they’ve known for years.

Makeup brushes and cosmetic brushes are a necessity in the application of all types of makeup.In fact, a good make up brush is akin to what a good set of knives are to a chef, or a palate is for a painter.

Professionals claim that the biggest make up hazard is caused by a bad make up brush. Keep reading for some excellent tips on using make up brushes.

Types of Brushes

Profession makeup artists use several types of brushes in order to carefully apply makeup to the right areas of a woman’s face.

Your face is much like a canvas to create whatever picture you desire. Makeup brushes are therefore essential tools in any woman’s makeup kit. Let’s take a look at some of the many ways a makeup brush is used


Invest in a good medium- size brush with rounded tip. To create a natural look, use the same brush for highlighting.


A large , soft brush will apply face powder or bronzing powder flawlessly . Use the same brush to remove the excess powder from your face so that you don't look like a kabuki dancer.


A small brush with bristles anged on one side will help you get the line you want when you use powder eye shadow to line your eyes or shade your lids. It also fills in spotty brows.


A lip brush is tapered on both sides to a rounded point . It not only gives you a perfect lip line and an even application but also prevents waste by scraping the last smidgens of color out of the tube. Look for one with a protective top.

Makeup brushes will not only help your powder go on easier, but it also adds a more professional finish.

Don't forget about airbrushes & especially if you are planning a picture shoot. Airbrushes will highlight your best features and come highly recommended.

Bristle Care

Discount brushes are the facial solution for creating a natural and anti aging look.

Make up artists suggest that the best brushes are made of natural bristle, with wooden handles that make for a firm grip.

Try natural bristles, like:

  • Goat
  • Sable
  • Squirrel

Natural bristles are great for airbrush makeup because of the hair cuticles. They grab the powder or blush to allow it to go on more evenly. Care and treatment of any brush product should include soaking your makeup brushes in a mix of hot water and antibacterial soap for a half hour. This includes all types of brushes, like: airbrush makeup and cosmetic brushes.

Next, leave them out to air-dry and use tissues to wipe off excess buildup. If the bristles stray off in different directions after prolonged use, simply cut them back.

If your makeup brush is well cared for it should last a lifetime.

Always remember to nourish your skin with products for your professional make up application at discount prices.

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