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What is HGH?

HGH is commonly known as the Human Growth Hormone and there has been a lot of research work going on regarding this hormone and the uses of this hormone to the growth of the human body.

This growth hormone was discovered in the late nineteen fifties and if was also found that this hormone was produced in the pituitary glands of the brain and the function of this hormone was to control all the major functions of the body. As the name suggests its main function is to grow muscles, bones and fabricate the generation of new cells in the body. This growth hormone is also known to stimulate the retention of calcium, muscle mass, height growth, helps in fat reduction in the body and to control the insulin level in the body. The main function of this growth hormone is to retain the vitality and youthfulness of the body.

This naturally produced hormone is known to be most productive during the person’s youth but once a person crosses thirty years the production of this hormone is known to decrease and thus this hormone is also associated with the aging process as is also referred to as the "Fountain of Youth" hormone. Administering this hormone is known to help retain the youthfulness of the body. This hormone is administered to adults as well as to children as it helps prevent stunted growth.

In the beginning this hormone was injected into the patient but then it proved to be fatal causing Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease. Today synthetically produced HGH is administered to patients which is safer and does not run into any health risks. Today you have homeopathic products that contain HGH which can be bought over the counter or can be obtained through mail though not much of a change is seen after the use of these products. The most reliable and effective one being the use of injections prescribed by the doctor's.

Human Growth Hormones are known to benefit humans but then the use of this should be restricted as they have shown to have some serious side effects and if the need does arise then it should be administered after a through research. As these hormones are known to enhance performance the use of these are common with the Olympic athletes and this can be detected by urine tests. Steroids mixed with HGH are known to enhance the stamina and increase the muscle power to perform better thus some athletes are known to make use of this hormone.

Though the natural form of this hormone which is produced in the body is useful anything that is injected into the body becomes as foreign substance is dangerous when taken in huge amounts. Though the production of this hormone either high or low in the body naturally is known to cause serious growth defects like gigantism or dwarfism the injected form can cause an even more serious health problems and the use of this human growth hormone should be restricted until and unless recommended by the doctor and even then after a through investigation to the need and the effects that it may create after the use.


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