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Blush makeup warms with the heat of the body to an intense hue, use cosmetic facial blush powders sparingly while applying makeup for a healthy look


To any women who squeezed her first tiny tube of Bonne Bell Cheek Gel around the age of 12 or 13, the magic of blush is obvious. Blush is a fast fix beauty : it warms up the skin , contours the cheeks , highlights the cheekbones, exaggerares an attractive hollow and ideally, creates a bloom on your face that looks like it comes from within .
Blush comes in three basic shades pink(for cool undertones), peach(for warm),or a soft shade of brown (either warm or cool). Powder blush is the easiest to apply . It's also easiest to blot off with a tissue if you apply too much.
There are many kinds of blush available today, including:


As you get older , you lose color in your face , and blush can come in really handy . Since your skin is drier, too, powder blush may start to cakey.If you notice this happening,try a cream blush, which will bring moisture to your skin , and give it a natural , fresh look . Because cream blushes contain oils, they are good for dry skin. And one crucial bit of advice to aviod the bozo the Clown look: apply color cosmetics in natural light whenever possible . A dimly lit bathroom will not the look you want in public.


Powder is another wort while splurge. like foudation,it's easy to justify because powder,too,lasts along time- up to three years. And the finer the powder , the more flawless the finish . A light dusting of powder will absorb oil and eliminate shine , which is why it's particularly good for oily skin or the T-Zone area. It will also set your makeup and give it a more polished look , filter out makeup and give it a more polished look , filter out UV light and make the skin look smooth and even .

Ideally, blush will create a glow on your face that looks compliments what comes from within.

Choosing the Right Blush

Never judge a blush powder just by looking at it.

Cosmetics and face blushes are found in different shades and textures. Therefore, try these two tests to find the right blush powder or cream blush for your skin tone.

First, test the blush powder on the inside of your forearm in order to see it’s true shading on your skin tone.

The right color will blend naturally, while the wrong color will stand out.

Once you’ve found a tone that matches your skin, you need to select the right intensity of color.

Look at the color of your hair and the shade of your eyes in order to choose correctly. If you have fair features try just a hint of color –in fact the more translucent the better.

Yet, if you have stronger coloring and darker features, like olive or dark skin, you need a greater depth of color intensity.

As long as you stick to what’s natural for your coloring, a blush powder will bring out your beauty.


As you get older your skin needs moisture to retain its natural oils.

Cream blush has a higher level of moisture built into its product and will help prevent a look that’s washed out.

For mature women a rich creamy blush is the perfect solution to prevent anti-aging. When applied lightly, a cream blush will make your natural beauty glow.

Professional Tips

Let’s take a look at some professional tips on applying blush for a dynamic or soft look:

Applying both powder and cream blush begins with the use of a naturally bristled face brush.

Smile to lift your cheekbones as you sweep the blush over the apples of your cheeks. Use short movements that carry the blush up and down over your cheeks.

In order to balance the tone of your skin; apply one stroke of blush across your jaw line and at your forehead by the hair line.

Some women also like to add one stroke of blush to their sun spots; tip of the nose, and chin.

Keep reading for more great makeup tips and recommendations.

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