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Beauty Tip

Body Tattoos

If you want to show your love with the body ink then you could have your whole body tattooed.

A brief history of body tattoos

Some people may have seen body tattoos only on people from circus or on those whole people who are in the body modification stuff. But tattooing whole body with ink has been a part of many dignified cultures of the world. If you will peep in the history you could look at many historic civilizations of the world which had this form of art as a part of their culture.

Japanese body art

Irezumi which means insert ink has been a long ago part of the Japanese culture. This kind of art was found a near about 12000 years ago in the Paleolithic period. You could see many transformations in the art of tattooing during the different Japanese history period. You could see transformations like tattoo being a mark of brutality to a mark of position in a certain civilization. Until 1945(when tattoo was legalized) it was a case that tattoo are just a mark of criminality.

A Japanese mafia group Yakuza had its member tattooed in full body suits. This type of tattooing is known as horimono. Yakuza’s did not use tattoo ink gun for tattooing their people. They utilized only traditional things to ink the whole body with tattoo. Only men were allowed to be tattooed in the yakuza culture.

Modern body tattoos

Today also some people would to cover their body skin with the tattoo ink. And if not the whole body, then at least, that part of the skin which is visible to others. Some people would opt for tattoo sleeves, while some would opt for large tattoos on the chest and on the back.

The Lizard man

Lizard man is one of the most famous people in this world who had all the tattoos on his body in a much planned manner. Eric Sprague or the lizard man modified his body in such a manner that he looks like a lizard. He had splitting tongue, sharper teeth, tattoos of green and black having patterns like scales on a lizard body. It took him more than 650 hours to get such kind of body work.

Body tattoos ideas

There is no limit set for the body tattoos.

  • You could have a Japanese culture theme tattoo across your whole body.
  • You could make use of brighter colors or just opt for dark black color for your whole body.
  • You could also choose a whole large animal picture for your body like a lion’s image.
  • You could also choose some spiritual theme to cover your body. This is a nice way to show your love towards your religion.
  • If you are a naturist you could have a whole nature on your body.
  • You could also go for a Tribal theme to look crazier.

But always remember that you must choose only those themes that would relate to your personality.

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