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Cool Makeup Tips During Summer

The kiss of summer bestows nature's shining secret to your face as long as you do not let it dry your skin and cause those tiny summer wrinkles to appear. Try some of the suggestions given below to revive and to sustain the natural beauty of your complexion and to add that cool, clear appearance, which is the main asset of a summer complexion.

During the hot summer months your complexion needs extra care at night in order to counteract the drying effects of the sun and the wind during the day. Particularly, if you are above 25 you should regularly use a moisturizing cream at bedtime. Apply this cream daily in the night if you want to cherish the youthful loveliness of a flawless complexion.

To make your own moisturizing cream take four almonds and soak them in enough milk to cover them. Let them remain thus for a whole night, next morning peel and grind them to a smooth paste. Now mix in two tablespoons of milk cream and a few drops of essence of rose. Store in a bottle and keep it in the fridge.

As the temperature rises in the hot months, extra cleaning is necessary for those of you who have greasy complexion. Bathe your face four to five times daily with clear water and a good soap suited to your complexion. This will help cleanse the openings of grease glands and loosen excess secretion. Rinse off every trace of soap with plenty of hot, then cold water. Cold water constricts the pores and minimizes the entrance of dust and dirt into the oil glands. Now splash an astringent lotion on the face. In a bowl of chilled water squeeze in a juice of a sour lime. Pat dry. Remember to cleanse the skin thoroughly with milk cream blended into a thin paste with gram flour. Steam the face once every week in order to open clogged pores.

Another big problem of summer is excessive perspiration and body odour. Excessive perspiration usually occurs on the palms, soles, under the breast, forehead and scalp. It is often accompanied by offensive body odour which is largely due to the decomposition of sweat and contamination with micro-organisms. Under unclean circumstances, micro-organisms flourish giving rise to unsightly boils. Therefore, if you suffer from foul­smelling perspiration, you should pay special attention to your personal cleanliness. You should take bath twice daily with soap and plenty of water. Certain areas of the body (where perspiration is excessive) should be dusted liberally with boric powder mixed with an equal quantity of a good-scented talcum powder. If your feet perspire profusely then use salicylic powder on them or you can soak them for 15 minutes in a dilute solution of potassium permanganate in order to prevent infection and minimise 'body odour. Refrain from wearing nylon or woollen socks. Wear cotton socks and shoes which have no rubber soles on them. To check pespiration of the hands wash them well, dry them, then rub them with a few drops of witch-hazel.

Infants and toddlers should be bathed in the afternoon in water to which a few drops of Cologne have been added. Dust their bodies libearlly with equal quantity of scented powder and boric powder. For top-to-toe freshness pay proper attention to your hair. It is important that you should wash your hair at least twice a week. Freshen your hair in between by sprinkling some eau de Cologne before setti ng them. Revive tired eyes by wrapping crushed pieces of ice in a piece of cloth and applying it to closed eyelids. Then relax for 10 minutes in a dark room. You can use cucumber slices instead of ice cubes.

Ensure that feeling of freshness by keeping yourself and all your personal belongings, scrupulously clean. Your dresses and other clothes should be starched and well-pressed for a neat appearance. Keep pads soaked in cologne between your clothes and they will exude a lovely fragrance. When ironing your clothes, place a pad of cotton soaked- in either Cologne rose water or your favourite perfume by your side and run the pad on your clothes before ironing. Your pleasantly fragant clothes will make you feel cool and garden-fresh. Do away with all your nylons, georgettes and heavy silks and bring out the soft wispy chanderies, cool violes, crisp organdies and light cotton dresses in the softest of shades. Avoid wearing too many accessories.

During this season your makeup should be reduced to the minimum and the accent should be on naturalness. Avoid using foundation creams and lotions of any sort because heat may cause them 'running down' your face. Use a lipstick of pastel shade and use rouge sparingly. Finish your makeup with a light puff of powder.

Be extravagant with flowers. Use plenty of them in your hair. You can also tuck a few flowers of mogra in your bra for their heavenly smell. Spray on your favourite perfume and now if you go out you will feel as pleasantly fresh and cool as though you were atop a hill station in the summer season.

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