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Celebrities With and Without Makeup

Celebrities spend thousands of dollars to get all glammed out for the red carpet. They hire stylists to select the perfect gown, borrow jewels to have the right amount of bling and bring in their favorite makeup and hair people to achieve the perfect polished look.

One of the best ways to see just how much beauty help celebrities get is by first seeing them without their defenses of foundation and mascara! Whether you believe these pictures or not - I think we all can walk away from these photos feeling that celeb beauty or makeup is within a wallet's (and a fabulous stylist's) reach.












`Halle's makeup amazes me because it's flawless. She never overdoes it. She knows what looks great on her and uses just enough to enhance her natural beauty.'


`What most impresses me about Halle is her consistency. You never catch her wrong; she's always on point. Her look is classic.'


`I work with Jada often. She's one of the few celebrities who have perfect skin and can go outside without makeup and not feel awkward. She also keeps her routine low-maintenance instead of using many products, which is where many of us go wrong.'

The magic of makeup

There are no ugly women in this world: there are only two kinds of women - the beautiful and the plain. The former are the women who have realized the beauty potential latent within themselves while the latter are those who have not realized it yet. But it is the duty of every woman to try and look beautiful at all time.

The magic of makeup is that the plainest girl too can stand out in a sea of beautiful faces with a few clever makeup tricks. Makeup is a gift of modern times which gives every woman the opportunity to present her best face to the world at all times. But the secret of makeup is to under do it; it should be subtle, natural and suited to the personality of the woman who wears it.

Celebrities with and without makeup

Celebrities with and without makeup
Celebrities with and without makeup





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