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Office Makeup - TOO SEXY FOR YOUR JOB?

Low necklines, fitted tops and body jewellery? Do you carry your Saturday night look to office?

IllPSTERS ACCOMPANIED by bare midriffs, belly buttons and tattoos. Sounds like a perfect attire for a party? Not really; because for many young women this is very much the look they carry I.J each morning to work. Are you one of them? Beware! Because your employer might not be impressed.

If you dress to causal, you are perceived as someone who is too casual in her approach, lack the required sincerity and seriousness that goes with the corporal image you are required to flash behind your PC.

Indeed flashing the flesh and bold dressing are the order of the day. Young girls who craft a perfect body after hours at the gym feel happy to flaunt what they have and from formal the new mantra is: 'Business Casuals'. But with some youngsters taking it to extremes like jeans on a week day, busters with a see through jacket and shine when subtlety is more the call.

Smitten, many employers are redefining their official dress codes to make the girls learn what 'Business Casual' is and how important it is to dress professionally. Courtesy the absence of written rules pertaining to dressing in most organizations, a number of new fashion trends have come into existence. In today's work scenario, very low hipsters, g-strings showing, bare midriffs, etc. all are a part of the official wardrobe causing a lot of distraction at the workplace. Or there is a studied attempt to look dressed down. Like tattooed jeans in the mid weak, a pleasant dress that does not confirm to the formality of business etc cause another detour from official dressing.

Most employers opine that the overtly sexy look is not only frowned upon by them, but also by fellow employees. Body jewellery, tattoos and see-through clothing might also be a fashion statement today, but in the work place, 'professional' reigns supreme. I don't mean to put across that being professional is being boring - its just re minding yourself of the mindful role that you are in from nine to five. After that go all out, play coquette, come hither with your wardrobe. But in the morning let the work take over. And fashion be incidental in the scheme of things. Over the years, the is sue of sexual harassments at workplace is also impelled by this. But how does one derma provocative? As per me, anything that distracts others from their work, distracts clients or customers, or even distracts themselves can be termed as provocative. What I is that instead of asking others, each one of you needs to look at yourself in the mirror ask yourselves the basic question - "Is my state of dress too sexy for my job?"

Here are some quick pointers that should be kept in mind to dressing smarter at work. Firstly, one shouldn't expose too much skin, be it midriff, back or front; it's all a big No. One should also make sure to, cover up tattoos & take out all visible piercing including tongue studs. You must ensure that your clothes are well maintained and tidy. And yes, when going for work, just keep in mind that you have to dress for success and not to impress! And if you have figured this out, you're on!

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