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Think About Your Foundation Primer

Your foundation primer can help you to keep any kind of makeup from sliding off. It can make it last longer too. You can especially use it to help keep dry spots on your face covered. It can even be used in practically any shade you want it in. You’ll need a strong primer if you want something that can work well.

What kinds of primers are there? There are several to choose from.


A tinted primer can fill in wrinkles and lines around your skin. It may work alongside blush and bronzer to make it look more visually appealing.


A moisturizing choice can work if your skin becomes too dry. It can even control oil if you handle something comfortable.

For easily clogged pores

You can get clogged pores managed with a proper primer. A foundation primer can be secure by creating a thick coating that helps to keep other kinds of makeup from sticking in your pores.


An SPF primer can block the sun’s rays to keep you secure.

It can work for dull skin.

You can get a primer to work on your skin even if a foundation leaves it feeling dull. It can keep redness, blemishes and uneven skin tones covered up.

How do you apply it?

You just need to use a simple amount.

A small pea-sized bit of primer is good enough. It can work before adding foundation or concealer. It can even be added to trouble spots on your body like the t-zone.

How do you choose a style?

You can get a good style of foundation primer ready by using a few points:

  • Watch for the season you’re in. Different primers work in different seasons. Some items might be too shiny or dull for a certain season.
  • Always check on the label to see if it can work for your skin.
  • Watch for the color of the primer to see that it will not make a substantial impact on the appearance of your skin.

You can even make your own primer. It can cost less than what you might find at a traditional store. All you have to do is get a few simple ingredients. The ingredients that you need are the following:

  • Body butter; face cream can also work
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Foundation; this is optional

The process of getting it ready is easy to handle:

  • Use a teaspoon of aloe vera gel and another teaspoon of body butter or face cream.
  • Mix both of the teaspoons together.
  • Add a bit of the foundation to the mixture. Again, this is an option thing to do.
  • Keep stirring until everything is very thick.
  • Prepare a tight container for storing it in.

This will create something that will provide a clear finish while covering up problems on your skin. It can especially get you to look young. A bronzing powder may even work alongside it to create an added look to it.

Of course, you can also buy your own. This product should not be all that expensive to get. For example, you can spend just three dollars to get Eyes Lips Face in a foundation primer form. A mineral primer from will be worth six dollars.

However, some of these items might cost more than the foundation you are actually using. Laura Geller’s Spackle Under Makeup Primer is an example of this. It can be found for a little over twenty dollars in most spots.


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