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Home :: Applying Makeup

Art of Applying Makeup - Step By Step

Makeup trends change over the years, but the key to always looking your best lies in possessing knowledge of the winning combination of the correct make-up products, tools and professional techniques. Once you have gained this knowledge and mastered the various techniques, you will always be able to adapt your makeup look to being fashionable, whilst at the same time enhancing your particular features and making the most of your unique looks.

Sequence of makeup.

1. Cleansing. Apply cleansing cream or milk dots on the forehead, cheeks, eyes, nose, chin and neck. It should be spread over the face in upward circular strokes, so that all the facial features are cleansed thoroughly. Wipe off the cleanser lotion with moist cotton pad dipped in water. To ensure proper cleaning of the face, the cleansing routine can be repeated a second time.

2. Eye shaping. Once the face is cleansed check the eyebrow arch. Any growth of stray hair should be removed to give a clean look to the face.

3. Freshen the skin. Skin should be cleansed once again with an astringent or a skin freshener. If the face is very dry, moisturizer should be applied with a cotton pad.

4. Application of foundation. Foundation is selected according to skin's color and texture.

5. Powder application. Apply translucent powder after foundation evenly on the face. Excess powder should be dusted off with a soft brush or cosmetics puff.

6. Application of cheek color and blushers. Cream and stick cheek colors and check glimmers are to applied just after foundation to allow them to settle down before powdering the face. Cake powder blush-on is used after the powder. Cheek color is applied on the smiles. It should be blended towards the temples in smooth flowing strokes to give natural shading. The following guidelines can help to achieve best results:

  • Blusher or rouge color should be in harmony with lipstick color. It would be better if cheek colors are lighter than the color of the lipstick to enhance facial features.
  • Bright and dark cheek colors should be avoided because these give an artificial look to the face.
  • Use pale and light cheek colors during day time.
  • For evenings, weave in additional cheek colors to accentuate the features because artificial light drains cosmetic colors.
  • Younger people may apply cheek color to highlight the angular contour of the face.
  • For mature women, upper cheeks towards the temples can be developed with cheek colors to give prominence to the eyes.

7. Application of eye shadow. Tips on applying eye shadow.

8. Apply brow pencil. Brush eyebrows according to the face structure. Any , gaps in the eyebrows should be filled in by light feathery strokes of black and brown eyebrow pencils to achieve a natural look.
Colored eyebrow pencil can also be used for a more glamorous appearance. A fine-tipped eyebrow pencil is a must to emphasis the shape of eyebrows.

9. Application of eyeliner. Tips on applying eyeliner.

10. Mascara application. Basic rules of applying mascara.

11. Application of lipsticks. Applying lipstick gives a finishing touch to a look by defining the mouth and adding color to the face. No cosmetics has to power to transform like long lasting lipsticks. You can transform your look in any way you like simple by changing your lipstick color.

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