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Beauty Tip

How to Get the Best Flat Irons

A flat iron is a product that involves your hair being placed through two hot plates and drawn along them to create a beautiful shine in your hair. It is easy to find a great iron that will not break and cause split ends. You can also find something that is soft and smooth to where you can easily handle it. Here are a few things to find when getting something that can work out well.

What is it made with?

You can find items that have unique plates. These include items like the following:

  • Metal. This is a traditional option to use. It can work well but it may not heat evenly. It can also get in your hair and cause tie-ups in some cases.
  • Ceramic items. Ceramic things can be heated evenly and will not burn anything. They can keep moisture in the hair and control follicles to keep them protected from outside issues.
  • Tourmaline. This semiprecious stone can be prepared into a powder and then mixed with ceramic materials. It will produce negative ions that will keep frizz out of the way.

What handle do you need?

You can work with one of these two handles. They use their own special functions made to help keep things managed in your hair:

The Marcel handle. This is a professional-grade handle that is hand-squeezed so it can keep more pressure on the hair.
The spring handle. This will create pressure on its own and will help support the build of a user’s hair

How are the edges?

Edges can work in a number of ways. You can find the following:

Square. This kind of edge can create a good grip but it might cause crimps.
Round. A round edge will be comfortable and versatile.

How does it heat?

A heating function must work well on any kind of iron. The iron must work with a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This should be enough to support the way how the hair is heated.

A temperature control must also work. This should help to heat the hair at a lower temperature in order to keep fine hair managed carefully.

How good is the company?

The companies that make different hair irons can vary. You might want to find something that is made by someone that is reliable and easy to manage. It may especially help to find something that is used by professionals.

How long should it last?

A good iron will last for a while. You should find something that can work for about five to ten years on average. This is so you can avoid having to find new things every year or spend more than what you might be able to afford on something like this.

Be sure to look for all of these things when getting the best possible kind of iron for your hair. The things that you can do with your hair can be strong but you must take a few points in mind. You should find a hair iron that works with the following features:

  • A ceramic or tourmaline design
  • A round edge
  • A controllable heat function
  • Any kind of handle that you might be comfortable with

These points should help you to find the best possible option for getting a beautiful hairstyle working for your needs.


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