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Healthy Weight Loss Diet Tips & Advice

We are to providing you with healthy and practical weight loss & diet tips The best way to loss of weight is to reduction in calories .

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What You Need to Know to Lose Weight

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Tips for Nutrition Weight loss (safest way weight loss)

  1. Drink lots of water. Water contains no calories, takes up room in the stomach making you feel full sooner (making you eat less at meal times), and it helps dissolve bad fats and flush them through the digestive system.
  2. Eat less in the evening, when you are less active. Try to eat 2/3 of your calories during the first half of the day.
  3. No food before bed , unlike for gaining muscle. Unless you are also weight training and need the protein to repair muscle tissue, don't eat within 2 hours of bed time. If you really are starving, try a salad. Lettuce contains hardly any calories and will satisfy hunger
  4. Eat more frequently. Small, frequent meals keep metabolism up, and keep you burning fat. Your body will digest 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day better than 3 big ones.
  5. Eat fruits and vegetables, be consistent, and don't give up. Loosing fat takes time, but does happen.

Don't forget

Combine all these tips with some exercise to get the best results Remember to consult your physician before starting any weight loss regimen to assess your health and get a cholesterol reading.

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