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Common Blunder Fashion Mistake

Excess is the biggest blunder Fashion mistake that a woman or men can do. Excess in clothing, excess in accessories, excess in makeup, excess in hair, excess in everything. I like the simplicity. Simplicity and elegance are always very well connected.

Here you'll find common blunder fashion mistakes that you may have noticed on other people.

1. Your Clothes are foremost part of fashion.

Don't wear the baggy clothes. Wearing of the baggy clothes will add pound to your look. Don't but those clothes which are not of your size or perfectly fitted. Don't wear wrinkled clothes. Avoid this blunder fashion mistake by always wear iron clothes.

2. Don't blunder mistake with Undergarments.

Don't exposed the undergarments. Always wear properly your undergarments under the clothes. Keep the bra straps properly adjusted so they're not hanging out. Your panties should be too properly wear. Avoid this blunder fashion mistake.

3. Ear, Nose Hair and Hair are your look.

Protruding ear and nose hair give an up appealing look to the personality. Trim ear and nasal hair with a simple scissor or use trimmer available in the market. Head hair should properly shaped, styled and softened.

4. Bad Breath and Stained Teeth is a part of fashion.

Use a good mouthwash for rinse. Do make sure your gums and tongue are clean too beside your teeth. Avoid this blunder by paying regular attention towards your teeth.

5. Body Odour.

Apply a body lotion after your daily bath and use a deodorant to check smelly perspiration You can use an anti - perspirant twice a day after wiping off the armpits with a damp cotton cloth.

6. Avoid this blunder fashion mistake by selection of right jewelry.

Top off your look with jewelry that match your style. Choose the correct length necklace. Short chains and chokers tend to make your neck appear larger.

7. Selection of sandals

Sandals that are blatantly the wrong color. I saw a gorgeous black and white skirt and top combo paired with a pair of old brown sandals. so avoid this blunder fashion mistake by wearing matching light or dark colors sandals with there clothes.

This all above are common blunder fashion mistake which men or women are not to make.

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