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Beauty After Forties

There are very few women who keep on looking beautiful even after crossing the age of forty; but these women have cultivated their beauty slowly and gradually through the years and they age gracefully and carry their years as lightly and gaily as Bowers in a buttonhole. In later years, a slim and trim figure adds as much to the look of youth as a youthful skin. To keep your skin slim. eat a fully balanced diet, because after you cross the age of 40 there is a marked decrease in the functional activity of the body. The process of digestion slows down, therefore the fats and the carbohydrate content of the diet should be reduced. Fried foods and dishes of carbohydrates should be avoided.

Overweight persons need to be all the more cautious of their calorie intake because they are more prone to old age diseases than their slimmer brethren and sisters. Therefore, take food rich in vitamins and minerals and avoid sugary, starchy and fried foods like plague. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and drink at least two cups of milk daily.

With the onset of age the hair becomes grey, but do not pull these grey hair out. Every time you pull out a grey hair, you sow the seed for another few because the root at the base of the hair follicle secretes an infectious serum, which covers a tiny pinpoint of healthy hair surrounding the white hair and these in turn will go white within next to no time. If you feel you must get rid of your grey hair then cut it close to the root with scissors.

Keep your hair well brushed, well nourished, well groomed and styled at all times. This is the time when your skin needs an ample amount of grease to counteract the natural dryness of your skin. Every night apply homemade moisturizing cream to your face and in the morning before you take your bath, rub on your face and neck homemade cold Cream. Pay particular attention to the corners of your mouth, areas around the eyes and neck which are more prone to wrinkling than the other areas of the skin. Give yourself a facial twice a week with a mask for dry skin to whip up circulation.

Do not wear clothes and makeup used by the teenagers; wear clothes suitable for your age, which will give you dignity and good bearing. Wear light makeup and simple jewellery. Besides develop a lively interest in all things and have a sense of humour at all times which will give your face a nice tender look and not a frowning, cross look (which adds years to the face). Go for long brisk walks and do not look back more than you can help at your green years, for remember that every age has its own charm. Moreover, after 40 you have much more mature and dignified look than before. Therefore keep your shoulders back, hold your head high and above all keep the corners of your mouth up.

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