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Home :: Pruritis

Pruritis / Itch - Home Remedies For Pruritis

What is pruritis ?

A disagreeable sensation that compulsively excites the desire to scratch is called pruritis or itching. Just under the skin are minute nerve endings that carry the sensation of touch, pain, heat and cold. It is believed that the fibres that carry the sensation of pain also excite the desire to scratch. This happens when the stimulus is not sharp or potent enough to be interpreted as pain.

A lesser stimulus causes the desire to scratch arises without any apparent stimulus is a mystery. Pruritis is a medical term for itching. Pruritis is defined as a sensation that provokes the desire to scratch. Itching can be a significant source of frustration and discomfort.

Causes and symptoms - Pruritis cause

Most skin disorders have a common presentation, the desire to scratch, for which there are many causes - local irritant stimulus due to insect bites, mosquito bites, fungal infection or even eczema. General cause include systemic disorders like diabetes mellitus, nephritis, jaundice or drug reaction. Here the stimulus is internal, due to a metabolic/ systemic dysfunction along some other pathway. Other causes of pruritis include allergy to chemicals, soaps, perfume, artificial heating, cold weather or low humidity. Healing of skin lesions causes fibrosis, because the elastic fibres are replaced by fibrous tissue which stretch when is swelling or pressure in the area. This too causes an itch.

Natural Home remedies for pruritis.

  • Equal quantities of fresh tomato and coconut juice, mixed and applied on the itchy are, will bring relief from pruritis.
  • A tablespoonful of split red gram ground to a paste with fresh yoghurt and applied locally for 4-5 days is effective.
  • Grind dried orange peels to a paste with a little water. apply for a week.
  • Have a daily massage with warm sesame seed oil.
  • Sprinkle lime slice with rock salt. When dry, grind in a dry grinder and store. Take one fourth to half a teaspoonful once or twice a day, will bring relief from pruritis.
  • Grind the root of a bitter gourd and make a paste. Apply locally on the pruritis.
  • If the itch is due to a dry skin, massage with fresh cream and then bath with a mild soap or soap nut solution and warm water.
  • Drink fresh buttermilk with a little grated ginger for seasoning.
  • For an itchy scalp, a regular weekly massage with warm olive oil, sunflower or sesame seed oil will take away the dryness. Helps to get rid of pruritis.
  • Make your own shampoo for an oily, itchy scalp. Whisk an egg and gradually add this a tablespoonful of fresh orange juice. Add half a cup of a soap nut decoction and mix well. Apply this mixture on the scalp and tie up your hair. Leave for 10-15 minutes and rinse out thoroughly with warm water till the hair is absolutely clean.
  • Soap nut decoction: Take a handful of soap nut. Remove the skin and discard the seeds. Boils this with a glassful of water. Let it cool. Mash the boiled skins and then strain / filter. Your decoction is ready. This is the one of the best remedy to get relief from pruritis.

All above are best home remedies for the treatment of pruritis or Itch.

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