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Blue Naevus

Blue Nevi are also known as blue moles and are blue-black moles that are common to people of Asian descent. A blue nevus is an acquired, benign, firm, dark-blue to gray-to-black, sharply defined papule or nodule representing a localized proliferation of melanin-producing dermal melunocylcs.

Causes of Blue naevus

Probably represents accumulations of melanin­producing melanocytes in the dermis during their migration from neural crest to sites in the skin.

Signs and symptoms of Blue naevus

Blue nevi may be found anywhere on the body. They usually appears on the skin of older children and teenagers, but may develop at any age. They are harmless.

The blue naevus is a dark blue colour because the colour or pigment is deeper in the skin than in commoner brown moles and freckles. Characteristically, the view seen with dermoscopy is a uniform steel-blue pattern.


Usually made on clinical findings, at times confirmed by excision and dermatopathologic examination to rule out nodular melanoma.

Treatment of Blue naevus

Blue nevi smaller than to mm in diameter and stable for many years usually do not need excision. Sudden appearance or change of an apparent blue nevus warrants surgical excision and dermatopathologic examination. Cellular blue nevi (1 to 3 cm) are usually excised to rule out melanoma.

Prevention of Blue naevus

There is no known way to prevent blue naevus


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