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Halo Nevus

This lesion is a nevomelanocytic nevus that is encircled by a halo of leukoderma or depigmentation. The leukoderma is based on a decrease of melanin in mclunocytes or disappearance of melanocytes at the dermal-epidermal junction. Halo nevi often undergo spontaneous involution, of ten with regression of the centrally located pigmented nevus.

Halo moles are not uncommon and are usually seen in children or young adults of either sex. Generally, a halo nevus does not have to be removed unless it has atypical features. Removing the nevus does not cause the halo portion to get darker. For this reason, removal can cause a noticeable scar in an area of lighter skin color.

Causes of Halo nevus

Immunologic phenomena are responsible for the dynamic changes through the action of circulating cytotoxic antibodies and/or cytotoxic lymphocytes. This phenomenon awaits a reevaluation with newer techniques.

Signs and symptoms of Halo nevus

Papular brown NCN (5 mm) with halo of sharply marginated hypomelanosis. The nevus is centrally located. Oval or round hypomelanosis. Scattered discrete lesions (1 to 90).


If clinical findings atypical: the nevus has variegation of color and/or irregular border, confirm histologically.

Treatment of Halo nevus

If you have a halo mole, get your dermatologist or doctor to check it. Halos can be seen as part of a more generalized pigment loss, vitiligo , or in melanoma.

Prevention of Halo nevus
  • Sunscreen should be applied to all the skin during summer to prevent sunburn .
  • If you have a halo nevus and you have another mole that is changing, you need to be evaluated by your doctor immediately.

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