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Eyelid Surgery Benefits and Risks That You Should Be Aware Of

If you are considering an eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, you should know the potential benefits and risks associated with the surgery. Dr. Naveen Somia, who is a leading surgeon and performs professional eyelid surgery in Sydney, gives here valuable information about the eyelid surgery risks and benefits that you should know.


In most cases, eyelid surgery is minimally invasive and its benefits are great. But as with every surgery, with eyelid surgery too some risks and side effects are associated which you should weigh against the benefits and decide whether the procedure is right for you or not. Most of these side effects are temporary, but in rare cases permanent impairment can also take place.


Cosmetic Benefits

Though you should keep a more practical approach than having some fantasized ideas, it’s also true that eyelid surgery definitely enhances the looks of eyes. As you might know, eyelid surgery is performed to remove (or sometimes add) excess skin and fats from the lids. Because of this surgery, the puffiness of eyelids is reduced and fine lines and wrinkles are rectified. Also, the bags appearing under the eyes that make eyes look tired and aged, are removed by the eyelid surgery. Because of the droopiness of the eyelids, the white of the eye below the iris looks abnormal; this too is corrected by the eyelid surgery.

Health Benefits

First and foremost important benefit of eyelid surgery is it corrects the blocked vision that occurs due to the puffy eyelid. Due to the sagging eyelids the peripheral vision is obscured and when these puffy eyelids are corrected, vision is corrected too.

Often purely aesthetic procedures are not covered by insurance companies. But if eyelid surgery is performed for health benefits, it is covered by them.

Adverse Effects


Though there is minimal invasion involved in eyelid surgery, at least some level of pain is associated with the procedure during the recovery phase. The level of pain will depend on surgeon’s skill and also the health of patient. After surgery, the eyelids tend to feel tight and sore when the effect of anesthesia goes on reducing. The intensity of pain can be alleviated by medicines prescribed by your surgeon.


Swelling is another common side effect after an eyelid surgery and it occurs around the incision. Ice eye pads or cool compresses are the commonest remedies to alleviate swelling. You should be careful while applying the pad or compresses about not to rupture the incision. Keeping the head elevated for as long as possible is another remedy to reduce swelling. Swelling resulting in blurry vision can last for many days.

You should avoid blinking excessively or any other activity that can draw more blood towards eyes so as to avoid severe swelling.


Scarring can occur after eyelid surgery depending upon the expertise of the surgeon performing the surgery. If the surgeon is more skilled, s/he can keep scarring to a minimum. However, you can expect at least a little scarring after the procedure and most of the scars will lighten over time and become unnoticeable to a casual observer. Applying creams containing vitamin E or aloe vera is considered to be beneficial by some patients to reduce scars after eyelid surgery. But these creams should be applied extremely carefully to prevent damage to the surgical wounds.


  • Ectropian: When the lower eyelid is drooped and inverted it’s called ectropian and it needs another surgery to rectify.
  • Hematoma: This is a more serious complication wherein blood accumulates under the skin. This tends to occur usually when another facial surgery like brow lift or facelift is performed along with eyelid surgery.
  • Retinal Detachment: Another serious complication is retinal detachment which occurs when the retina tears out from the outer layer of the eye because of tears or holes in the retina. This also needs another surgery to rectify.

Dr. Naveen Somia performs upper and lower eyelid surgery and eye bag surgery in Sydney. You can get a lot more information on his website about blepharoplasty.


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