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You Should choose your clothes and make up colors according to the time, occasion and environment. For example, an evening celebration requires brighter shades in clothes and cosmetics. you can be both experimental and both in your appearance. If you planned to change of look in your dress or make up, which could be sophisticated, rustic, ethnic, historic or of a different culture, you must have a full dress rehearsal in privacy before the main event. this exercise would give you more confidence on that particular day.

Day time make up requires very subtle cosmetic colors and a more tactful technique of blending for both close up and distant viewing. And for this, tube light is ideal to indicate make up colors and textures. For evening and photographic effect or bridal make ups a brighter contrast of colors is needed due to artificial lighting. Your make up seat should have lighting according to the type of make up you are planning on.


Bright Pink, Maroon, Bright Green, Metallic Blue.

Rose,Lime, Metallic Blue.

Pink, Fuchsia.
Fuchsia, Pale Pink.
White, Cream, Khaki, Peach, Brown, Bronze.
Cream, Peach Pale Yellow.
Soft Brick Red
Peach, Brick Red.
Peach, Red, Black, Bright Orange, Blue.
Peach, Lime, Light Blue.
Coral, Mauve.
Musk Melon.
Grey, Black, White, Yellow, Terracotta, Mustard.
Grey, Beige Pale Lemon, Violet.
Apricot, Orange, Red.
Tawny Rose, Red.
Brick, Red, Black, Mustard, Maroon, Purple.
Light Bronze, Pale Gold, Cream.
Rose, Beige.
Pinkish Brown, Yellowish Brown.
Mauve, Light Blue, Lavender.
Lime, Light Mauve.
Rose Pink, Pink.
Pastel Pink, Dark Blue , Cream, Denim Blue, Pinkish Blue.
Pale Pink, Blue, Light Blue.
Pale Pink.
Rosy Pink, Pink.

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