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Displaying Your Cosmetics

Although your homemade cosmetics need to be kept out of direct sunlight, displaying them attractively on a shelf or on top of a chest of drawers or dressing table can make an attractive room decoration.

A small pyramid of jars makes an eye catching display. Start with three jars on the bottom layer, then two jars on top of those, and finally one jar at the top. Try mixing different colored jars, such as dark blue and silver for a dramatic look.

Take a selection of bottles of toners and lotions and line them up, mixing colors and heights of the bottles. Take an empty bottle, fill it with water, add a small spray of flowers or a single rosebud, and insert in the middle of the line of bottles.

Place folded dark green or blue hand towels and linens on a bathroom shelf, then add bottles and jars of the same color for a coordinated bathroom display.

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