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Homemade Cosmetics - How To Present Your Cosmetics

Now that you have created some of these wonderful homemade cosmetics, you need some ideas on storing them well. As they make such lovely gifts, some tips on gift wrapping your different homemade creams, lotions, and so forth are also included.

Once your cosmetics have been made, they should be stored carefully. Because they are made from natural, organic ingredients, they do not contain synthetics nor the chemical preservatives found in many store-bought cosmetics. So, although your homemade cosmetics are nice to use, they will not last as long as their store-bought equivalents. This is why the recipes suggest making up quite small quantities: your creams and toners will be used up long before they start to deteriorate.

Another solution to storing your homemade cosmetics is to give some of them away to friends and family! Natural, organic skin and hair care products make wonderful health and beauty enhancing gifts, and using some imaginative packaging and presentation ideas can make them look even more attractive. Some of your homemade cosmetics, such as eye washes and face masks, are made to be used immediately and are, unfortunately, not suitable as gifts.

Many of your creams, lotions, lip balms, toners, and aftershaves are kept in glass jars and bottles. You will have noticed that some of the recipes suggest using dark glass while others indicate that clear glass is fine. If you are making cosmetics to give away as gifts and even to enjoy yourself-try to purchase attractive glass jars and bottles.

With a little effort, you can find pretty shaped, decorative clear glass bottles, which look much nicer than the plain variety. The most common dark glass jars and bottles are made from amber glass but these can look a bit boring, or even as if they contain medicinal products. A much more attractive option is to seek out dark blue, dark green, and dark red glass jars and bottles. Silver and gold opaque glass jars are also available, which look quite stunning.

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