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Aromatherapy Tips

Aromatherapy consists of the use of pure essential oils obtained from a wide assortment of plants, which have been steam distilled or cold-pressed from flowers, fruit, bark and roots. Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential and absolute oils. Aromatherapy is the science and art of using the volatile, non-oily essences of plants in healing. The appropriate oils can have powerful results, both on the body and the spirit. The use of the essential oils to care for the body and to bring about cures is known as aromatherapy. The term"essential oil" is acutally a misnomer, because it is not really an oil, like olive , coconut or almond oil. An essential oil is very complex in nature. It is the volatile and aromatic part of the plant.

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of botanical oils that are distilled or cold-pressed from plants and flowers. The olis, which are introduced into the body topically or by inhalation, have been used to soothe the psyche, heal the body, and soften the skin for thousands of years.

For those moments when you feel yourself practically vibrating with stress, an aromatherapy bath can be extremely relaxing.

Learning Aromatherapy Massage - Massage with essential oils

Aromatherapy massage can be part of a healing process, or a way to apply essential oils to the right places. It isn't difficult or complicated. Anyone can do it - to their friends, families and even to themselves.

Use essential oils in all massages. Massages should be carried out with the flow of the body - towards the heart. When massaging children use gentle, comforting effleurage movements. Last, after an aerobic workout, petrissage movements are useful to release toxins and keep muscles supple.


Effleurage is the most useful movement in Aromatherapy massage. It is a series of gentle, soothing stokes, which enable the essential oils to penetrate the body, causing relaxation and calm throughout. Use your whole hands, not just your fingers, in strokes that can be either long or short, firm or gentle. Muscles will be relaxed and nerve endings soothed, stress and tension relieved and circulation increased.

Keep your hands relaxed but firm in this movement.


Petrissage is like gently kneading dough. Each movement should be slow and careful, never causing pain. These movements are often helpful on fatty areas and on backs. They can relax the muscles, increase circulation, aid the release of trapped toxins and help lymphatic flow.

Use slight pressure on your thumbs in this movement.


When using Aromatherapy massage on the scalp, put the oil on the fingertips and use the fingers, working all over the scalp. For migraine and headaches massage around the base of the neck and work upwards to the base of the scalp. Continue massaging this are for a few moments. Use your fingers in firm effleurage strokes to apply the appropriate essential oils.

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