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Permanent Eyebrows

Drawing on eyebrows each day can be time consuming and women find that each day they can look different. Eyebrows frame the eye area. When applied properly can really put a smile of confidence on the client's face.

The procedure allows fill-in of sparse eyebrows, reshape of poorly arched or uneven eyebrows, and new eyebrows to anyone who has suffered eyebrow loss (Alopecia, burns or electrolysis). Furthermore, the procedure can drastically rejuvenate your appearance by creating a "non-surgical brow-lift".

It's permanent right?"

This is the number one misconception about permanent makeup. Once placed in the upper reticular layer of the dermis (one to two millimeters) the fluid part of the pigment is carried out of the body leaving only tiny molecules of color. The color is affected by environmental factors unlike a "body tattoo" that can be protected at least part of the time from UV exposure, the face is constantly exposed. Over time bleaching or fading will occur. How quickly this happens depends on client's lifestyle choices and exposure to UV light.

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