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Anastasia Eyebrow - Anastasia stencil, pencil, powder for Eyebrows

Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills is the eyebrow guru. Anastasia is the last word when it comes to the art and architecture of the eyebrow. Don't try booking her during awards season because that's when all her divas and stars need her most. Her philosophy is simple: The eyebrows frame the eyes that frame the face, and the distance between the lash bed and brow is where it all starts.

Booking an appointment with Anastasia herself is difficult; however, her three expert brow artists are available to help. Brows are shaped, waxed, plucked, dyed, and sometimes tattooed--you won't believe the difference an Anastasia eyebrow makes! The buzz in L.A. is that Anastasia is the plucking guru--even once-bashful men are lining up to have this wizard relieve them of their uni-brows.

Anastasia has built a reputation over the past several years as a top beauty maven by working magic on the brows of a large and loyal celebrity clientele. Anastasia has been heralded in the pages of top publications such as Vogue, W, Town & Country, Elle, InStyle, Allure, Entertainment Weekly, People, Newsweek and Los Angeles magazine as the best eyebrow shaper in the business. Her Beverly Hills salon has come to be known almost as much for its warm and charming ambiance as for the skill and precision of the craft performed by Anastasia and her staff.

Step by step tips on Anastasia beautiful eyebrows

  • Start with prepare your skin - Pre-Tweeze Gel, lightweight gel formulated with aloe vera, chamomile and peppermint oil calms and cools your skin as it prepares the brows for tweezing.
  • Give your eyebrows the shape you desire - Arch and shape your eyebrows by using one of the classic Stencils and filling with a Brow Pencil.
  • Next step is to tweeze and trim your brow hairs if they are thick - Tweeze hairs that are outside the stenciled area with a Tweezer.
  • Now clip the excess hairs outside the stencil with a scissor.
  • Time to soothe your skin - Apply tweeze Cream to calm and soothe any redness or irritated areas.
  • Highlight your eyebrows with a eyelights Shimmer or eyelights Matte pencil. Gently smooth and blend into the brow line to create a highlight that opens up the eye.
  • Last but not the least inorder to hold the shape apply the Anastasia Brow Gel to condition and hold shape of eyebrows.

Tips for best Eyebrows from Anastasia

  • Never wax your own brows," says Anastasia. "You can easily remove too much. Tweezing is best for maintenance."
  • Color Code - "Choose a powder or pencil one shade lighter than your brow color," says Anastasia. One exception: If your hair is light blonde, try one shade darker.
  • Fast Track - If you've over-plucked your brows, speed up their growth by applying Rogaine with a Q-Tip to the sparse areas, says Damone. Or rub on a small amount of castor oil for the same effect, says Anastasia.
  • To achieve a true Anastasia arch, use the stencil and fill in with Brow Pomade or Brow Powder using a Small Angle Cut Brush or filling with a Brow Pencil.
  • Wide-Eyed Wonder - To make your eyes appear larger, pluck your eyebrows a few hairs farther from the inner corner of the eye, says Anastasia.

Keys to Great Eyebrows

Eyebrow must vary with each individual in shape, size, length, and color. A persons face shape, cheekbones, and nose all effect the outcome of their brow shape. What I always try to achieve is a very well groomed natural arch that will enhance all of your features and soften your look. - Anastasia Soare.

Anastasia has now come full circle and recently introduced her new cosmetic line, Anastasia Beverly Hills, which encompasses a full array of color products including an extensive palette for the eyes. A full range of lip liners, lipsticks, foundations, powders and brow products completes the collection.

Everything in the line reflects the glamorous days of Old Hollywood: luxurious makeup and old-fashioned service. This exclusive collection will bring to women the same sense of style, elegance and expertise that has elevated Anastasia to the leading authority on brows and beauty in the industry today.

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