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Fashion Tips For Men

Mens fashion can be everlasting using permanent and classic styles. But there are so many men who are still unclear how to put together their mens clothing to look their best. In order to achieve that, it pays to have basic understanding about fabrics, clothing details, and accessories. Through these knowledge, both men and women would be able to make wise decision in purchasing quality apparels.

Only good quality men's fashion clothing or accessories can withstand wear & tear yet stay in its original structure and shape over time. There is no worry about constantly getting new replacements.

Men's fashion tips :: Fit is everything

  • Wear a white undershirt under an outer shirt. If you aren't wearing a tie, it keeps you looking more put-together.
  • Always wear a belt. It's the finishing touch you need.
  • Mind your colors. Don't wear black shoes with a brown belt or vice versa.
  • Get rid of pants that taper at the bottom. They make you look top-heavy and overweight.
  • Keep your pants pulled up.

Dress Code Fashion tips For Mens

A few Fashion tips when you attend an Interview:

  • Wear a tie.
  • Light color shirt and matching dark color trouser. Wear a suit if you have.
  • Wear clean and polished shoes. Don't forget your socks.
  • Keep your hair well-groomed.

A few Fashion tips when you wear Casual dress

  • Semi casual slacks with a pressed crease in wool, microfibre, cotton or cotton blend.
  • Knit top or open collared shirt. T-shirts not a reat idea.
  • Long sleeves are best
  • Leather shoes with coordinated belt. Athletic shoes, boat shoes, etc... not acceptable.

A few Fashion tips when you wear Corporate Dress

  • Season appropriate suit, sport jacket or blazer and pant.
  • Medium to light coloured shirt with a suit, dark blazer or sport jacket. Button down collars are fine.
  • Coordinated tie.
  • Dark shoes well polished with matching belt.
  • Tasteful jewellery that is not ostentatious.

A few Fashion tips when you wear Business Formal dress

  • Black or navy suit with a slight sheen or tone on tone.
  • White, cream or pale blue shirt preferable with French cuffs
  • Never, never wear short sleeves or button down collars.
  • Tie with small pattern or plain, tastefully coordinated.
  • Well shined black leather shoes with coordinated black leather belt.

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