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Modern shoe Fashion make pedicures a necessity due to extra pressure and exposure on the feet. The purpose of a pedicure is to care for the feet and toe nails. Pedicures provide comfort to the feet and improve their appearance.

Contra-indications to Pedicure

The Feet should be examined before the treatment because the skin and nail condition such as athlete's foot, watery blisters or thick white skin between the toes, nail fungi, inflammation of the nail-fold, warts, eczema and skin diseases prohibit pedicure treatment. Instead, medical guidance is required under such conditions.

Pedicure Material

In addition to manicure implements the following articles are required:

  1. A large basin ( for feet immersion )
  2. A nail cutter.
  3. A hard skin foot- scraper.
  4. A pumice stone.
  5. A loofa or hoof stick.
  6. Extra towels for feet.

Procedure of Pedicure

  1. Sit comfortably and remove shoes and socks.
  2. Place feet in a large basin filled with disinfectant soap solution for about five minutes. If the foot - bath is not possible, clean the feet with a cotton pad soaked in disinfectant soapy liquid to remove dirt and sweat.
  3. Remove both feet from the basin and dry thoroughly.
  4. Remove nail polish from toe-nail.
  5. Trim the toe-nails to shorten their length and file them with a metal nail-file. Toe-nail should be given a gentle curve on the sides to prevent ingrown nails.
  6. Soak feet in warm soapy water to which hydrogen peroxide is added to loosen hidden dirt and soften rough skin. Allow the feet to remain in water for 7-10 minutes.
  7. Carry out brush cleaning of the toe-nails while scrubbing them well.
  8. Remove hard skin of both feet with a foot scraper.
  9. Remove both feet from water and dry them thoroughly.
  10. Apply cream on the cuticles of the nails to make them soft.
  11. Remove cuticle skin with the combined use of cuticle pusher, remove and clipper.
  12. Feet and leg massage is done with nourishing cream to avail maximum benefit of the pedicure treatment.
  13. Wipe feet with a hot towel to remove extra cream and make sure that you don't slip after the pedicure.
  14. Buff nails with the buffer while giving downward strokes to make the toe-nails glossy and smooth.
  15. Before beginning the nail-polish procedure, keep rolled cotton pieces between the toes and apply nail-polish on the toes in the same way as in a manicure.

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