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Diabetic Foot Care

Regular care, foot hygiene, exercise and attention to a few details can go a long way in preventing problems and keeping your feet well-groomed. We put a great deal of burden on our feet. Not only do they bear the weight of the body , but walk on all kinds of surfaces,in all sorts of foot-wear,some of which may actually contributes to many foot problems.

Apart from nagging aches and pain,poor circulation , corns and callouses, fungal and bacterial infections can afflict the feet. In fact ,poor foot posture can excessive strain on the back , leading to back-aches.

Foot Posture and Exercise

  1. When you stands, or walk , the toes should point almost straight ahead.
  2. Lift the arches of the feet slightly, so that your body weight is supported by the outside edges of the soles of your feet.
  3. Walk barefoot, on grass , whenever you can.
  4. Stand straight, feet pointed ahead, rise up on the toes and then lower yourself . This strengthens the arches of the feet.
  5. Curl your toes, as if you trying to pick something off the floor with your feet. This helps to strengthen the metatarsal arch.

Your Footwear

  • Your shoes should not be too tight , the kind that squeeze the toes .This can interfere with blood circulation and also cause friction, leading to corns and callouses.
  • The front of the shoes should be wide enough to allow enough space to move the toes.
  • During hot and humid weather , avoid closed shoes . Wear open sandals for maximum ventilation , so that the feet are dry .
  • A good foot massage is a real pleasure. Have a weekly pedicure that includes a foot massage. The rotating, kneading massage movements are most relaxing and also keep the skin in good condition , It helps to remove fatigue and ease tensions.

For aching feet and poor circulation Alternating hot and cold foot baths will help acting feet and improve circulation.

  • Take two buckets.Fill one with hot water and the other with cold water. The water should reach up to your calves .Place your feet in hot water first , for 2 to 3 minutes. Then place them in the cold water, for the same duration. Repeat this at least five times, starting and ending with hot water. Dry the feet thoroughly and massage with a Cream.
  • Stretch the toes and move the front part of each foot in a circular motion.
Feet are very important part of our body. Some of the common problems of feet can be cured by little attention paid by yourself. Good care of your Feet results in Healthy body.

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