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Bathing Routines

You can have different types of bathing routines to suit the needs of your skin. The body loses a fair amount of natural oils after a bath. You constantly need to replenish them.

SAFFRON: Take half cup olive oil and half cup almond oil. Add to it a pinch of saffron. Mix them together and pour in a small pan with a handle. Take a large container with water and put it to boil. Hold the small pan over the container and steam it well, constantly stirring the mixture till the oils obtain a rich yellow color. Remove and cool. Pour the oils into a bottle and keep for further use.

Use this after a bath. Gently massage all over the body. neck downwards. Keep massaging till the skin completely absorbs the oils. It is very soothing, nourishing for the skin and the saffron gives a heady perfume.

  • SANDALWOOD OIL: Take a cupful of coconut oil, and one teaspoon of sandalwood oil. Mix well; pour into a jar to keep for use. Massage well into the body after a bath. Tones up the skin and gives a very luxurious and vitalizing feeling.
  • ROSEWATER AND GLYCERIN: Take half a cup of glycerin. Add to this 250 ml of rose water. Stir well and pour into a bottle to keep for use. Massage all over your body after a bath. This is one of the mildest and most nourishing of skin conditioners.

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