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4 Reasons to Stop Waxing and Start Sugaring

Although it has been performed since ancient times, sugaring is becoming a popular form of hair removal. There are two ways that sugaring can be performed. These ways include a cool paste that is massaged into the area or a warm paste which must then be removed with cotton strips, similar to waxing. Both ways are quite effective and less tedious of a process than waxing.

Sugar wax is created with all-natural ingredients. Lemon juice, water and sugar are the main ingredients. When you choose the more popular form of sugar waxing, the warm paste, you will notice that it has a consistency similar to honey. Using wooden sticks, the paste is applied to the areas desired in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The wax artist then takes cotton strips and rubs them onto the area where the paste is, quickly pulling them off to remove the hair.

There are some distinct differences between waxing and sugaring. Before making a decision on which is best for you and booking your Brazilian wax in Phoenix, read below to understand why sugaring is better than waxing.

  1. Sugaring is a much gentler hair removal process than waxing. Sugaring does not stick to live skin cells. Therefore, it is less painful. The slightly heated paste even soothes the skin making the application more comfortable.
  2. Unlike your typical Brazilian wax in Phoenix, sugaring is all-natural. The allergy-prone has less to be concerned with as sugar wax usually consists of water, lemon juice and sugar. Sometimes added ingredients are combined, but they usually consist of simple moisturizers.
  3. Anyone who has had a wax treatment knows that a sticky mess is certain to be left behind. Sugaring is water soluble and therefore, it can be easily wiped clean with water and a soft cloth.
  4. Redness and blistering are less likely with sugaring. Redness usually only lasts for a few hours at most, whereas waxing can create a redness that lasts for a few days. While direct sunlight still isn’t suggested for the next 24 hours, your skin will appear as normal and blistering is less likely due to the gentleness of the treatment.

The benefits of sugaring far outweigh those of the Brazilian wax in Phoenix. Men and women everywhere are beginning to reap the advantages of this much gentler version of hair removal. While, the treatment consists of all-natural ingredients usually found in a home, it is always recommended that you allow professionals to conduct the hair removal process.

Find a reputable salon or wax artist to perform your Brazilian wax in Phoenix. So many people are pleased with the sugar wax treatments that they schedule their next appointment immediately after the first one. As with any type of wax treatment, exfoliate the areas daily and prepare yourself for the next treatment as suggested by the professionals. In the meantime, purchase the perfect bikini and hit the beach or schedule some dates as you reap the benefits of hairless, smooth skin.


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